Chip Kelly, Eagles could bring new approach to free agency

The guy who brought eardrum-shattering music, luscious protein shakes and the fast-break offense to Philadelphia will absolutely knock the socks off Eagles fans if he adds a top-notch defender in free agency.

Make it a big-time safety.

Unless we’re reading this totally wrong, look for Kelly and the Eagles to trust their instincts, go with the NFL flow and throw money at one of the safeties available when free agency starts this weekend.

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Combine like a toy store for Chip Kelly



When the NFL Network camera caught Chip Kelly watching wide receivers run the 40-yard dash at the combine Sunday, it brought to mind something the Eagles head coach said early this year.

The Eagles were preparing to play the New Orleans Saints in the first round of the playoffs, and Kelly was asked about Sean Payton’s offense.

“He’s obviously got some talent and they’re a really, really talented football team, but Sean does a great job of getting his playmakers in matchups that are favorable to him and he does it week in and week out,” Kelly said, before ticking off a list of players’ names.

“There’s a ton of them,” Kelly said. “That’s what Sean and Drew (Brees) have — a lot of toys.” Read More