Meet Eagles Great Fred “Arkansas” Barnett

When: 10/26/2014 During the Eagles vs. Cardinals Game

Where: Buckets Tap and Tavern


Here are all the details on the
Freddie Barnett / Meet and Greet Special Event:

For only $15.00 a person you will receive the following:
 Autographed 8.5” x 11” color copy / flyer signed by Freddie
 One free draft beer from Buckets
 Two extra raffle tickets for the Freddie Barnett / hand signed – game day #86 shirt
 Digital photo of you and Freddie (taken at Buckets) by our professional photographer – separate charges may apply if you choose to purchase a digital or hard copy of your photo / no sitting fees apply.
 You get enter into a raffle which could allow you to receive your digital photo image package FREE OF CHARGE
 Two extra raffle tickets for the chance to sit at Freddie Barnett’s table (3rd and 4th Quarters only) – only six seats available
 The opportunities to have Freddie sign up to two items at no additional charge. If you have more than two items to sign there will be an extra $5.00 charge to you to have Fred sign up to five items for you.
 More items may be added to this list ….check the club’s Facebook page and website page for the latest news and updates surrounding this event.
 PAYMENT INFORMATION* – you can pre-pay for your event wrist-band anytime on or before the October 26th 2014 event for a cost of $15.00 dollars. Wrist Bands purchased the day of the event MAY carry an extra charge of $5.00 TBA. *= ALL MONIES RAISED by the signing fee and Barnett raffle items will go to cover the expenses surrounding the event …your support of this undertaking is greatly appreciated – GO EAGLES !!!!

Jerome Brown Tribute-Brooksville, Fl.






‘TAMPA SWOOP’ an ‘Eagles Fan at Buckets Tap & Tavern, Tampa, Florida would like to announce to ‘All Of Our Fellow Eagles Family’ the following Fan Based Club Initiative Of Tribute To The Late ‘Jerome Brown# 99′.

The 22 year old Corvette Crash Site which was a marked ‘Roadside Memorial ‘ located in Brooksville-Florida, in respect of Jerome & His Nephew Gus Brown who tragically lost their lives in 1992. With permission from Jerome’s surviving Family Members & Close friends, the crash site was given a facelift Single Handidly by ‘Tampa Swoop’ an Eagles Fan out of His respect to the Family, The Close knit Community of Brooksville – Florida & in Honor Of ‘Jerome Brown # 99′.

We are Proud that an Eagles Fan @ Buckets decided to GIVE BACK to Jerome, His Family, Close Friends & The City Of Brooksville-Florida !

Let’s bring one Home For Jerome Brown – PHILADELPHIA EAGLES & Fellow Birds Fans Across the nation in 2014′ !!

The Beatification of The Crash Site Memorial Completed / Dedicated 08/26/14 !