Membership – 100% optional, no cover, no fees (unless you are a Cowboys fans)

You have been asking for this for years so here it is …… your Tampa Philly of the South – Philadelphia Eagles Fan Club, is proud to offer to our fellow BIRD FANS an official Philly of the South MEMBERSHIP CARD. Please note that this MEMBERSHIP CARD is 100% optional – each and every one of our club members can decide for themselves whether they want to purchase a card. Purchasing this card is not a requirement for membership in our club, which has always been and always will be 100% free – this card is just an offering that gives you a “little extra something”.

You can purchase a Philly of the South MEMBERSHIP CARD (during any Eagles game at the front table) see Mike, Linda, Rick or Tony. Cost of a membership card is only $20.00 each (or three for $50.00 USD) NOTE: THIS IS A ONE TIME ONLY CHARGE – at the present time, only cash can be used to purchase cards. If you live out of town or can’t make the games in person, just email (ask for promo ID CARD – 2015) – we will contact you with all of the purchasing details and mail it to you.

This card will offer a wide variety of discounts and extra benefits on many unique services. The list of services can be found on our website at – this list will be updated as we add more services. Check out the website often to make sure you are aware of the latest offerings.

If you have a business or service that you would like to add to our listing ….WE WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! You can advertise your business or service on our website for FREE – that is correct, this offer carries a 100% zero cost to you. Need more information about this, just email (ask for promo ID CARD / FREE AD 2015) – we will contact you with all of the details.

Philly Memb. Card 001Philly Memb. Card 2 001

Membership Benefits:
(Must show membership card to receive benefits)

Philly of the South

25% Discount off of T-Shirts made by Dino Press(see below)

Buckets Tavern & Tap

One (1) free draft during Eagles Games

20% Discount – NOT during Eagles Games

.Love Logo
Philly Phlava  (

10% Discount

Minuteman Press 2 001
Minuteman Press
10% Discount

franko maps logo
Franko Maps

25% off MSRP

Dubose Three Dogs 001
Dubose Three Dogs

10% Discount

Larry the Table Guy 001
Larry The Table Guy  – Sports Memorabilia, Tables, Clocks, Etc.

10% Discount

Brunos #3 001
Bruno’s Pizza Pie

20% Discount on all menu items.

All Star Roofing 3 001

All Star Roofing  (

Discount to be determined by amount of work needed to be done

Dan Orlando Band 001

Dan Orlando Band  (

10% discount

Core Logo - TM (002)

Core Financial Outsourcing  (

Offering a 10% Discount

Since 1989, Core Financial has provided outsourced bookkeeping, accounting, tax, financial management, consulting and business coaching services.

Logo 2

Dino Press – Custom-Made and Specialty T-Shirts

$5.00 off any T-Shirt

Carlos Gamba  (Email:;  Phone No. 813-900-8349;  and if they have instagram they can see more of my work there and my username is carlosgamba20)