BREAKING NEWS: Tampa’s Philly of the South (TPOTS) moves to a new football nest/location for the 2019 NFL season & beyond!

After almost seven years of calling Bucket’s Tap & Tavern on Gunn Highway in Tampa, Florida our football nest. The clubs board members have decided to spread the club’s wings and “fly Eagles fly” to a brand new football viewing location.

So it’s “say la vee” to Bucket’s and tons of memories of countless Eagle highs and low’s during that time period. The biggest memory of all that was made at Buckets, was on February 4th of 2018 when the EAGLES won the Super Bowl! What a party that was as almost 600 strong packed Bucket’s to watch our beloved BIRDS, finally fulfill the dream that so many of us had been waiting most of our lives for.

I can’t emphasize strongly enough that Tampa’s Philly of the South did nothing wrong to cause the new management team at Bucket’s to sever, this mutually beneficial and long lasting business relationship. Bucket’s management for reasons we may never truly understand have now decided to let’s just say “go in a different direction”? It is important to note, that this decision was totally made by the new management group at Bucket’s. In my opinion, this decision not to host our club’s activities makes very little business sense. However, in the long run, it’s their business and no matter how short sided this move might be it’s still 100% their call. With those points in mind, we the club members of TPOTS will push onward and upward – taking our passion and love of the EAGLES team to newer heights at our new football nest/location.

I’m proud to announce to all of you at this time that the new nest of the club will be at Tampa Joe’s. They are located (in the NE corner of the AMC 24 Movie Theater complex) @ 9316 Anderson Road which is right off the Veterans Expressway. Check out their website @ for all the details that make up this unique, fan-friendly and great spot to watch our Eagles “on the road to victory”. I’m 100% certain that you will find that Tampa Joe’s is a major step up from your local “run of the mill” tavern, pub or sports bar experience.

A small list of great features that TAMPA JOE’S can offer to Tampa’s Philly of the South might look like this:

*A warm and friendly, welcoming and fun-loving staff and management team.
*Tons of wide screen TV’s and the house audio will always be set to the EAGLES station.
*An outstanding menu that features a fantastic variety of food items.
*A “two for one” happy hour that runs “all day / every day”.
*Tons of free parking.
*Fresh and clean restrooms, bar and dining areas.
*A large outdoor patio area featuring a “fire pit” and comfortable lounge side furnishings.
*And what might be the most important feature of all – they really want our club at their location. The staff and management at Tampa Joe’s really wants to partner with our fan club and help you “our valued club members” have the BEST EAGLES FOOTBALL game day experience anywhere in the Tampa Bay area!

Guys this is the football location we have been looking for! This opportunity we have presented to us here is one that will help grow our brand name and further increase our stranglehold reputation as being one of the best Philadelphia Eagles fan clubs in SE USA, and yes even in the entire nation. Since 1995 we have been proving that fact to be true, one football game at a time!

More details on this move will be posted on the website and on Facebook (as needed) in the coming days and weeks. Please consider this your official notification that your Tampa Philly of the South fan club has moved to a new, better, brighter and more football accommodating nest here in Tampa. You guys are going to LOVE the new nest, as we step up your football game day experience and take it to new heights.

How can you help? Please spread the word about this move to everyone wearing the green & silver here in the Tampa Bay area (and beyond) via your Facebook and all of your social internet accounts. Word of mouth is a powerful tool. Your efforts in helping to get the word out to Eagle nation would be greatly and sincerely appreciated. We don’t want any EAGLES fan left behind! The club REALLY needs your help to get the word out there about this move – so step up, due your part and help us out.

Thank you for your time and any and all extra efforts you deem fit to offer on behalf of the club, as it relates to this very important task. Looking forward to seeing you all at Tampa Joe’s for the Eagles season opener on September 8th @ 1 pm EST.

Bleeding GREEN – GO EAGLES!!!

If you have any questions about this please contact me directly.

Mike Kline – Founder of Tampa’s Philly of the South
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